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Pan-European digital assets supporting research communities – Benefits & opportunities

5 - 6 December 2022

Charis Chatzikyriakou

Charis Chatzikyriakou (MSc) works as a Project Manager at EODC Earth Observation Data Centre for Water Resources Monitoring GmbH (EODC) since 2019, where she has been responsible for the acquisition and implementation of EC (H2020 and DIGITAL), ESA, and national projects in the field of Earth Observation data and services. Currently, she is the coordinator of the H2020 project C-SCALE, while participating in interTwin (Horizon Europe) and GREAT (DIGITAL) amongst others. Charis holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, and more specifically in Geosciences and Remote Sensing, from Delft University of Technology, NL, where she focused mainly on Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Satellite Image Processing and Terrestrial and Satellite Geodesy.

E-mail address: charis.chatzikyriakou@eodc.eu

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