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Pan-European digital assets supporting research communities – Benefits & opportunities

5 - 6 December 2022

Digital assets supporting SDG 13: Climate action

Monday 5th December 2022 - 9.30am - 11.00 am

Chair: Charis Chatzikyriakou, Project Manager at Earth Observation Data Centre for Water Resources Monitoring GmbH (EODC)

With the deadline of 2030 set by the Sustainable Development Goals drawing ever nearer, representatives of C-SCALE, Reliance, EGI-ACE, and EOSC Future demonstrate the EU’s commitment to the target, and showcase the role of digital assets in the support of urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, as per SDG Goal 13.  This includes the monitoring and cataloguing of Amazon rainforest recovery through RADAR data analysis (RETURN), open and FAIR access to large volumes of Earth Observation data (openEO), deeper analysis of sea pollution impact on biodiversity, a new generation of actionable climate indices and solutions thanks to an open, scalable and cloud-enabled data science environment (ENES data space), and a cross-disciplinary analysis of environmental indicators.

Use cases

  • RETURN – Monitoring Amazon Rainforest Recovery Capacity with terabytes of RADAR satellite images processed on EOSC infrastructures, Milutin Milenković, IIASA. – Presentation
  • Aqua Monitor – Challenges and solutions from porting a multi-petabyte EO application from Google Earth Engine to OpenEO, Arjen V. Haag, Deltares. – Presentation
  • Sea pollution, Loss of Biodiversity and Sustainability, Federica Foglini, University of Bologna. – Presentation
  • Climate change, Anne Fouilloux, University of Oslo. – Presentation and demo
  • ENES Data Space – Building actionable climate products for end users using EGI-ACE resources, Christian Pagé, CERFACS. – Presentation
  • Dashboard on the State of the Environment – EOSC Future and ENVRI Data in Action​, Tjerk Krijger, MARIS. – Presentation


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